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Queen Mary


Queen Mary



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Temecula Wedding – Donielle & Mike https://www.raczphotography.com/blog/2013/7/Temecula-Wedding-Donielle-Mike The location was amazing for this wedding. The wedding was at a private estate in Temecula. The views were stunning! The bride and groom were stunning too! Lot’s of laughter and fun. They had their sweet doggies make an appearance for the ceremony.

I like the art on the wall: Donielle is a Goddess!

They did a first look and then we shot most of the photos before the guests arrived.


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Kristin & Alex {Hacienda Wedding Photographer} https://www.raczphotography.com/blog/2012/10/Kristin-Alex-Hacienda-Wedding-Photographer This beautiful couple were married at The Hacienda in Santa Ana. There are so many pictures I want to share I will break up my post in a few parts. I absolutely loved Kristin’s dress, it was truly the perfect fit. And let’s talk about her awesome makeup – Gorgeous thanks to Amy Cooper, makeup pro! Kristin is so beautiful inside and out. I loved her sense of humor, she had me laughing all day! We did some pictures before the ceremony at the Bowers Museum. More pics to come soon!

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Trash the Dress ~ Ramona https://www.raczphotography.com/blog/2012/8/Trash-the-Dress-Ramona Ramona and Doug were married last year July 3, 2011. For their 1 year anniversary Ramona wanted to go back to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Huntington beach where they were wed and celebrate with a trash the dress session. We did some nice “normal” photos first then when the sun set we went for it! Ramona gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted! Me. . . “Ramona are you sure?” Ramona. . .”YES!” Oh how I love it when that happens! So of course I had to get her completely wet! After we were done that dress must have weighed over a hundred pounds with all that sand and water! Ramona and Doug were AMAZING! They had so much fun and I think it really shows in their photos. Thank you Ramona and Doug for a fun session and for being such wonderful clients.

A little rinse off in the fountain at the Hyatt

Then a little fun in the fountain!

A little quick change before heading back to the room!

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Anna & Justin {Edwards Mansion} https://www.raczphotography.com/blog/2012/3/Anna-Justin-Edwards-Mansion I am a photographer. I Love taking pictures. I thought of a good analogy the other day to describe how I feel about photography. It’s kinda like being a surfer (I think, I have never surfed!). A surfer is always looking for that perfect wave. They get up early, brave the cold water, sit out there for hours waiting and watching for the perfect scenario. Then finally they catch a really good one and they get a rush! They want more! They go out again and again trying to live it over and over. That’s how I feel about photographing weddings. I am looking for that perfect bride. That perfect couple that just look at each other and melt in eachother’s eye’s. The perfect wedding details. Anna & Justin were the perfect wave! Anna was so relaxed and happy to be enjoying every minute of her day. Her smile lights up the world. Anna hand made a lot things for her wedding including her bouquet. I loved every detail! Anna & Justin were married in January at the Edwards Mansion in Redlands. Because it would be dark after the ceremony they chose to do a first look and see each other. It had rained that morning and was threatening to rain most of the day but just as I was starting pictures the sun came out and made the most gorgeous light! I enjoyed Anna & Justin so much and they made the perfect couple and the perfect wedding! I think the secret for brides and grooms is to just relax and have FUN on your wedding day. It really shows in the pictures. Thank you Anna & Justin for being my perfect wave! I am going back out for more!

Anna got to see the reception area all set up and ready. She worked really hard on all the details and it paid off!

Hand made bouquet of pearls

Ok look at this face! That was her expression when she saw herself in the mirror for the first time in her dress. Love it!


The first look. I changed it up this time and told Anna that Justin would be coming around the corner in front of her, but I had Justin sneak up from behind! Again. . look at her face! She was surprised and looked adorable.

Most photographers love taking pictures of the bride and bridesmaids. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy that very much but for some reason my favorite is the groomsmen pictures. The guys always have way more fun than the girls! They laugh and have fun and don’t mind acting ridiculous for me!

What a great idea: With the table numbers where photos of Anna & Justin at that age. So table 17 had pictures of them at age 17! So clever!

Anna made little shawls for her guests in case they got chilly during the reception.

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